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List of job offers

Series buyer (H/F)
Permanent Contract
Salbris (41300)

As part of its new international markets development, Achats Systèmes is looking for a series buyer based on Salbris site (41300). He/she refers to the group’s purchasing director.

Missions :
- Select and assess suppliers able to meet our requirements;
- Write the calls for tenders for series requirements;
- Negotiate the best « Quality, Costs and Deadlines » conditions;
- Define and implement and follow frameworks contracts with suppliers;
- Stick to the budget and suggest QCD improvements ideas;
- Apply « contract » purchasing guidelines and « importation – exportation » administrative;
- Place orders and update databases and ERP;
- In partnership with the quality department, lead supplier audits and play a leading role in resolving disputes.


Profile :
- Higher education (3 to 5 years of higher education) engineer or graduated of business school;
- Ideally completed by a purchasing training;
- 5 years’ experience on series purchasing in an E.T.I;
- Mechanical expertise appreciated;
- English fluent and other languages;
- Driving licence required;
- Mastery of computer tools;
- France and international travel to be planned.

R&D Engineer (H/F)
Fixed-term contract
Pont-Sainte-Marie (10150)

At our customer located in the Aube region, Pont-Sainte-Marie (10150), reporting to the authority of R&D Manager, your mission will be design (conception and design) the oscillator electronics. It will be also follow the overall product design with its documentation and support production during the product manufacture.

You will be responsible for :
- the innovation of products, components and manufacturing processes;
- the design and prototypes manufacture with quality and deadline required by the customer;
- the match of measurements to customer specifications.

More precisely, you :
- confirm and possibly participate in the product technical specification in partnership with project managers;
- are in charge of product innovation (analog or digital conception, design, establishment…) and develop recurring products;
- calculate, simulate according to specifications, estimate the product time life and perform worst case analysis;
- establish technical documentation (charge rate, average good operation time, measurement and procedures statement);
- update procedures and technical documents of old products;
- analyze gaps of tests and measurement between prototype and production;
- perform trials of tests and measurements to set a palliative solution;
- adjust and confirm the technical documentation and the manufacturing procedure;
- assist operators and technicians involved in this pre-serie (training and expertise);
- answer to production issues;
- analyze and identify dysfunctions of RMAs and REWORKS;
- provide first level maintenance on R&D equipment fleet;
- train and assist new R&D technicians or engineers;
- prepare and participate in project meetings and develop reporting for the weekly service meeting;
- keep a permanent watch on the establishment of products, components and PCBs.


Profile :
You have an analog electronics engineer training, you master technical English, the Pack Office, mathematics and equation solving software (MATHCAD, MATLAB), electronic simulation software (PSPICE or ADS) and a CAD software (scheme entry, reimplantation).

You know analog electronics (radio frequency) and digital (microcontroller) as well as measurements.

Responsible of industrialization and electronics / electromechanics methods (H/F)
Permanent Contract
Salbris (41300)

Within the Technical Department and attached to the head of group industrialization method, you take care of industrialization, methods, and responsibility of electronic systems production batches tracking.

More precisely, you :
- Manage the production batch progress and host action plans to achieve quality, design and development objectives;
- Set the suitable industrial tool and draw up the industrial scheme and subcontracting specification;
- Establish electronic cards manufacture files for consultation;
- Guide suppliers’ choice and organize ISPs and industrial progress reviews;
- Draft the industrial validation plan;
- Set tooling requirements and tests benches with design and test teams;
- Manage industrial tests;
- Manage products and components obsolescence with suppliers and customers;
- Lead necessary actions on the industrial file during the product life cycle;
- Work at design office reporting to the industrialization manager and interfacing with the various related trades of industrial design office and production;
- Promote the electronics industrialization during costing;
- Participate in the reinforcement and evolution of the industrial trades’ repository on the electronic part.


Profile :
- Electronics / electromechanics technician or engineer;
- With experience or beginner accepted;
- English appreciated.

Software Integration and Tools Engineer (H/F)
Permanent Contract
Montigny-le-Bretonneux (78180)

Reporting to the Software Department Head, you will be in charge of tasks and help tools to the software integration in keeping with integration strategies, tests and software configuration management rules.

More specifically, your missions will be :
- Participate in the costing of integration tasks;
- Participate in documents and tools drafting related to software integration;
- Achieve the software integration tools establishment in development environments;
- Achieve software integration tasks : continuous integration, unit tests, cover tests, integration tests;
- Participate in the integration and testing strategies implementation;
- Participate in technical facts drafting;
- Communication of its activities progress to the project manager;
- Respect of costs, deadlines and quality in its tasks accomplishment.

Missions and responsibilities may change depending on the service requirements.


Profile :
Engineer curriculum required with a development and integration experience more than 10 years.

Skills mastered :
- Development languages : C/C++, Java, Python, Shell Script;
- Operating system and environments : Windows/Linux, Eclipse, Visual Studio, QtCreator;
- Tools : Jenkins, VectorCast, JUnit.

Experienced Java Development Engineer – Software Architect (H/F)
Permanent Contract
Montigny-le-Bretonneux (78180)

Reporting to the Software Department Head, your missions will be :
- Participate in the costing of technical offers features;
- Confirm and strengthen technical aspects of the tender (RAO);
- Participate in the software specifications drafting;
- Develop software architectures and search for technical solutions;
- Achieve software development and integration tasks;
- Provide technical solutions, analyze and set architectural evolutions.

Vous responsabilités :
- Mastery of software specifications;
- Mastery of software designs/architectures and their conformity to specifications;
- Control of design compliance (design and code reviews);
- Mastery of using pattern, bookstore, examples or reusable components by focusing the “generic” compared to “specific”;
- Mastery of architectural evolutions;
- Control of compliance with the rules of management and software configuration;
- Support, training and technical steering of realization team members;
- Take charge of software development tasks and software integration;
- Communication of its activities progress to the project manager;
- Respect of costs, deadlines and quality in its tasks accomplishment.

Missions and responsibilities may change depending on the service requirements.


Engineer curriculum required with a more than 10 years’ experience in development and software architecture.
Knowledge of GIS, mapping tools notions.

Skills :
- Object-aimed development languages : Java (required), C++ (if possible);
- Operating system and environments : Windows, Eclipse;
- Various : WML, JUnit, Ports Comm, Protocoles, Socket, Webservices, TCP/IP, UDP, IHM, SWT, AWT, JavaFX;
- Luciad LightSpeed (would be a big plus).

Functional area :
- Industry or Defence;
- Heavy application in Java : mapping tools (command and control, tactical situation management, calculations,…) and maintenance software (command and control by serial link, generic JavaFX HMI, Multithreading, Acquisition / data manipulation,...

Mechanical Design Office Department Manager (H/F)
Permanent Contract
Montigny-le-Bretonneux (78180)

Reporting to the Technical Director, you ensure the mechanical design office management, in accordance with customer expectations (internal and external) and company’s interests.

More specifically you will be in charge of :
- Take part of commercial offers establishment as a business referent,
- Regular reporting of load and performance indicators of his department to the Technical Direction,
- Department resources management,
- Maintaining and renewing the business tools available in the relevant department,
- The development of its department training plan and the development of department skills in perfect match with needs and the company’s general strategy,
- The working relationship with quality manager in good application of quality repository.


Profile :
Engineering curriculum requested with team management experience.
10 years of overall experience.
System knowledge : SolidWorks, 3D Modeling.

Quality Controller (H/F)
Fixed-term contract 6 months renewable
Salbris (41300)

As part of your mission, you must provide :

- The mechanical parts control.
- The painted / processed parts control : checking the paint appearance and thickness.
- The optical control.
- The electronic card control.
- The control sheets writing.
- The ISP supplier preparation.
- The drafting and treatment of supplier non-conformities.


To carry out these missions, you must :

- Know the IPC 620 standard.
- To be able to read a mechanical plan.
- Know how to use a calliper, an indoor / outdoor micrometer and a measuring column.

You must also know how to write and speak English.

Quality Apprentice (H/F)
Apprenticeship Contract / Pre-professional Contract
Montigny-Le-Bretonneux (78)

As part of your mission, you must provide :

- The identification and updating of forms, data centralization.
- The clarification and updating of existing processes.
- The involvement in the writing of business processes such as:
- Software,
- Test Platform,
- Demonstration Cell.
- ....
- The participation in the Quality repository deployment.
- Ensure the achievement monitoring including the self-checking.
- Identification of improvement opportunities (efficiency of processes, procedures, modes of operation, ...).
- Methodological assistance in the causes analysis in order to better target the actions.
- For a rising power, participation and monitoring of customer receipts on business.


To carry out these missions, you must :

- Know collaborate with people,
- Have technical knowledge,
- Be tenacious,
- Know how to enliven,
- Have writing and communication skills,
- Have a logical mind,
- Have already followed and apply standards,
- Demonstrate a good capacity for synthesis and objectivity everyday,
- Have interpersonal skills, diplomacy and a sense of confidentiality.

Profile : Bac +3 degree (s) - Professional degree or Master 1 / Master 2 Training in Quality Management / Quality Specialist.

Permanent Contract
Montigny-le-Bretonneux (78)

Part of the R&D team, you are responsible for the quality and performance of technical choices with the aim to answer client needs and meet company objectives.

You will contribute to the sizing of systems produced by ATERMES, to developing tests plans to achieve preliminary “proof of concepts”, to the writing and validation of related specifications for the technical direction and more globally be involved in the R&D and innovation process.


Advanced knowledge of electronics, general physics and sensor detection with a minimum of 5 years working experience.

Skills in VHDL and digital electronics would be a plus.

Montigny-le-Bretonneux (78)

Câblage filaire (câbles, coffrets et boîtiers tous types).
Vous effectuez des opérations d’autocontrôle.
Vous alertez le responsable d’atelier ou le chef d’équipe en cas de non-conformité.
Vous êtes force de proposition et communiquez efficacement avec les autres acteurs de l’entreprise pour permettre une amélioration continue de l’activité production.
Vous appliquez la méthode des « 5S » sur votre poste de travail.
Vous pouvez être amenés à effectuer ponctuellement des missions de prestations de services chez nos clients ou à participer à la formation d’autres salariés par des actions de tutorat en fonction de vos compétences.


Vous maîtrisez :
- La lecture des plans, schémas et nomenclatures de câbles simples, multi-branches ou complexes, PRM, de boîtiers
- La lecture et compréhension d’un Dossier de Fabrication et de Contrôle afin de pouvoir renseigner les documents d’enregistrement
- La réalisation de dénudage, sertissage, soudage, potting simple, montage mécanique simple, marquage, repérage
- Vous savez appliquer la méthode des « 5S »

Vous possédez les qualités requises suivantes :
- BEP ou CAP pro électronique avec expérience IMPERATIVE de 5 ans minimum en câblage filaire
- Soin et qualité du travail
- Esprit d’équipe

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