Remote controller

Description : The smart interface to control drone or surveillance system.

Key features
  • 1 Multi-touch rugged tablet
    2 joysticks for a delicate and precise use
  • 2 Sunlight readable screen
    - 10,2’’
    - Resolution: 1280 x 768 (16 millions colors)
    - Brightness: 800 cd/m2
    - Contrast 1000:1
    - Vision angles: -85°/+85° (V), -85°/+85° (H)
  • 3 Architecture électronique :
    - Intel core i3 / i5 / or i7
    - OS : Windows 7 Embedded 64 Bits, or Linux,
    - RAM Memory : DDR3 4 GB (up to 8 GB)
  • 4 Tactical interfaces and communication:
    _ 1 Ethernet port 10/100/1000 Mbits
    _ 1 USB 3.0 - WiFi
    _ 1 USB 2.0
    _ 1 PAL video input
    _ 1 video output
    _ 1 serial port
    _ 1 SMA port

    Your UHF/VHF module embedded
  • 5 Physical Specifications:
    3,4 kg without battery
    4,4 kg with standard battery
    390 x 262 x 90 mm without battery
    390 x 295 x 101 mm with battery

    Environmental Specifications:
    Temperature :
    -10°C/+50°C (Operating)
    -20°C/+70°C (Storage)
    Sealing : IP65
    Shock : 1,22m – MIL-STD810G – in its case.
Description and applications

ATLANTIS is designed to be the smart and intuitive remote control interface of :
all kinds of unmanned vehicle systems
surveillance systems, such as optronic or radar heads
thanks to its joysticks and radio interface, with full support of cartographic tools and its powerful architecture.

ATLANTIS can be powered by most types of tactical batteries already in the crew mission package.
In standard version, a Li-ion battery is included.

ATLANTIS is equipped with state of the art processor technology and the most advanced MMI features :
_ Capacitive multi-touch screen
_ 2 thumb joysticks, two axis with validation button.

ATLANTIS is equipped with ready to use embedded radio control technology :
_ WiFi Master
_ ADV Video
_ Your UHF/VHF module embedded

ATLANTIS is compatible with tactical cartographic softwares :
GPS embedded
Tactical IP radio link

Automatic Laser Bird Repellent System

Description : A-TOM500 uses LORD INGENIERIE’s unique innovative laser technique to scare birds away.

Key features
  • 1 Automatic runway scanning, 24/7 non-stop operation
  • 2 Remote control and monitoring through ethernet or wireless connection
  • 3 Automatic proof of activity recording
  • 4 Scanning range : up to 2,600m ( 8,530 ft) of runway
  • 5 Laser Class 2M eye-safe certified.
Description and applications

A-TOM500 is the only bird repellent system that has been developed by specialized ornithologists for the aviation community.
By nature, birds are quite sensitive to visual signs. Field measurements demonstrate that birds are primarily sensitive to the green color.

With A-TOM500, birds perceive and actually see a big green stick coming towards them. The only choice to avoid this stick is to escape and fly away.

No bird habituation: there is no bird habituation to such visual technology. While a bird may get used to noise and sounds, it won’t ever try to test a stick blow. It’s the same reflex as a bird flying away as a car approaches.

No visual annoyance for pilots: the laser is not visible outside a 15-degree cone: approved by pilots during the 3 year real world testing on both civilian and military airports.