Tailored-made offer

ATERMES has unceasingly strived to extend its competencies and services in order to offer the most complete service possible. Today, our know-how allows us to offer tailored-made services from conception to maintenance in operational condition.


The ATERMES offer is based on four main professions :

  • mechanics
  • electronics
  • optronics
  • software
  • electronique
  • logiciel
  • production
  • mco
  • insitu

Operating areas

Our teams can operate at every stage of project development or engineer it from end-to-end:

  • 1 System Engineering

    • Preliminary studies (feasibility, sizing)
    • System architecture and performance evaluation.
    • System design
  • 2 Prototype Design

    • Subassembly design
    • Integration, adjustment
    • Validation and qualification
  • 3 Industrialisation

    • Design industrialisation
    • Modification / installation of manufacturing platform
    • Technology transfer / Off Set
  • 4 Production

    • Procurements
    • Manufacture
    • Technology transfer / Off Set supervision
  • 5 Support & MCO

    • Obsolescence management
    • Maintenance
    • Upgrade & Modernisation

Our plus points

With the leverage of our considerable experience and our high performance industrial equipment, we have the teams to develop the high-technology solutions needed to operate under particularly harsh environmental, physical, climatic or electromagnetic conditions.

Naturally, this has led us to develop proposals intended for the defence market, and for the industrial market with particularly demanding requirements.

ATERMES has thus established a culture of excellence with a renowned and certified Quality commitment aimed at providing its customers with full satisfaction.

Market with off-set:
The company is also skilled in handling projects that include an export off-set, managing the subcontracting in the customer country. Please get in touch with us!

Our customers also contact us on specific matters of technical or functional expertise, enabling them to use our experience on cutting-edge subjects.

Services : Electronics & wiring

Subcontracting of electronics & wiring

Speaking historically, ATERMES began its activities in electronic and wiring subcontracting projects.
The company teams thus have extensive experience in this area.

Our fields of excellence

1. Expertise
Analogue electronics
Microwave and radar
Power electronics, power supplies
2. Procurement
. Electronics (components etc.)
. Mechanical engineering
. Microwave
3. Wiring
. Electronic card prototyping (traditional, SMC)
. Control of electronic card production runs (traditional, SMC)
. Hardwiring (cabinets, rack units, harnesses)
. Microwave

Services we offer

We can operate at various stages of a project cycle:

1. Design / development
2. Production of definition files
3. Procurement
4. Preparation of methods
5. Wiring, Assembly, Testing
6. Inspection (static and dynamic)
7. Obsolescence management

Services : Software engineering

Software engineering

ATERMES has acquired a solid skill in both application and embedded software, thanks in particular to the development of our various products, including our BARIER™ system.

Our fields of excellence

1. 2D & 3D mapping applications
• 3D animation
• Touch-screen ergonomics
• Java, Luciad LightSpeed, Open GL
• Multiplatform: Windows, Linux

2. Control, instrumentation and video surveillance
• Equipment control
• joystick steering
• C++, Qt, Open GL, OPEN CV, SOAP, streaming video, ffmpeg, Gstreamer, VLC, GigE Vision
• Multiplatform: Windows, Linux

3. Control of equipments
• Series interfaces: RS232/422/485, TCP/IP, USB, CAN, Web services (SOAP)

4. Embedded software
• BSP Linux creation with Yocto
• Drivers, Tests, Applications, Supervisors

Services we offer

1. ATERMES supports its customers through all the Software project production stages.

2. Service begins with the writing of the specification and extends through to the acceptance testing of the application.

3. ATERMES takes an industrial approach to software application development.

4. It offers capitalisation on the technical and functional skills of a proficient core of engineers.

5. Support to customers to convert their individual subcontracting model into a lump sum work-package.

Production Subcontracting

Over many years, ATERMES has developed a culture of production subcontracting to cater to customers looking for competence, flexibility and fast turnaround.

Our fields of excellence

• Electronics, wiring
• Microwave
• Optronics
• Mechanical engineering

Our professional skills

• Wiring
• Electronics
• Optronics
• Microwave
• Mechanics

Design and production
• Systems
• Test benches
• Production equipment

• Cables, harnesses, rack-mounted units, cabinets
• Subsystems, subassemblies
• Complete products, Systems

Operational Maintenance
• Corrective
• Open-ended
• Preventive
• Curative
• Consultative

Services we offer

We are frequently involved in production,
• either using prototype definition files for which we prepare the industrialisation,
• or for direct production takeover work from an existing and validated production file

ATERMES supports its customers through every phase in the life of a product:
• Design
• Industrialisation
• Production

But also:

• Installation on the customer site,
• Support and maintenance management,
• Obsolescence management

Services : Operational Maintenance

Operational Maintenance Subcontracting

We have developed skills for the Operational Maintenance (OM) of technological products.
Thanks to its pragmatic and experienced approach, ATERMES offers a solution tailored to the exact and specific requirements.

Our fields of excellence

1. Electronics
2. Microwave
3. Radar
4. Analogue and digital signal processing
5. EMC
6. Optics/Optronics
7 ...

Services we offer

1. Expertise on existing systems
2. Obsolescence management
3. Proposed replacement solutions
4. Guaranteed original specifications
5. Environmental qualification of proposed solutions
6. Maintenance of skilled teams
7. Document management

Offres : In-situ Technical Support

In-situ Technical Support

For some projects, services sometimes need to be provided directly on the customer premises:
either because of the availability of test / adjustment / production platforms etc. (large floor space, specialist equipment, etc.),
or because of confidentiality reasons requiring the equipment to be kept on the customer site.

We therefore offer an “In-situ Technical Support” service.
The people we despatch can count on the support of the real expertise of our design departments.

Our professions


Our service offers

• Study of the demand
• Support and expertise at the customer's premises
• Selection of the corresponding profile(s)
• In-situ technical support services
• Service monitoring

Skill profiles

1. Electronics / Mechanical engineering / Optics
• Project managers and system architects,
• Laboratory and platform engineers and technicians,
• CAD engineers and technicians,
• Modellers,
• Wiring experts,

2. Administrative / Logistics
• Buyers
• Input operators
• Store-keeping and inventory specialists
• Coordinators / Logistics manager
Coordinator / Logistics manager