A strong experience since 1989,
International presence.

ATERMES, a company founded in 1989, is today a group with a staff of almost 200 people.

Through steady growth, ATERMES has developed more and more skills, in its four key areas: Mechanical Engineering, Electronic, Optronics and Software.
With this accumulated experience and our substantial industrial resources behind them, our teams develop high technology solutions for the harshest technical, environmental or climatic conditions.

This has naturally led us to develop our partnership with the defence market, and with industrial markets where the demands are severe.

Since the year 2000, ATERMES has also been developing its own product lines dedicated to tough environmental conditions. In 2012 ATERMES took a major step forward in this activity when it launched its revolutionary mobile border surveillance system, BARIER™.

Why choose Atermes?

ATERMES promotes a culture of excellence, the aim of which is to secure the total satisfaction of our customers.

Our quality commitment, from upstream engineering to operational readiness maintenance, illustrates our capability.

Historically, ATERMES has offered both services and products, enabling it to adjust its response to every need expressed by its customers.

ATERMES has the required design, production and coordination capabilities enabling it to fulfil the needs of customers always on the lookout for technical partners and suppliers who are flexible and react quickly, to the highest quality standards.

We also provide long-term Operational Readiness Maintenance and in-situ spot interventions.
ATERMES thus offers carefully tailored solutions resulting from careful listening to customer needs.

ATERMES is the ideal partner for customers who are always looking for technical, flexible suppliers who are quick on their feet.



ATERMES is an independent, privately owned 100% French group.
The company capital is 100% held by its founding members and executives.


ATERMES has been ISO 9001 certified since 1999.


ATERMES (Applications Techniques Etudes Réalisations Mécaniques Electroniques Systèmes)




Production Centre:

4, Avenue des Trois Peuples 78180 Montigny le Bretonneux, France

Z.I. des Cousseaux 41300 Salbris, France



+33 130 120 140

+33 130 600 403

Legal Form

S.A.S. (Simplified Joint Stock Company), founded in 1989

Register of Trade

351 266 143 RC VERSAILLES

Siret/APE Code

351 266 143 00020 / 7112B


€21,000,000 (twenty-one million €uros)






ATERMES is an independent French group with 100% of the capital held by the company founders and executives.

Charles CASANOVA is the chairman and founder of ATERMES



100% subsidiary of ATERMES

4, Avenue des Trois Peuples

78180 Montigny-le-Bretonneux, France

Depuis plus de 20 ans, ATERMES services et produits conçoit, développe et produit des équipements de hautes technologies, à destination des industriels de la défense, de l’aéronautique, de l’espace, des télécommunications, du transport et du médical.
ATERMES possède une double culture ATERMES est un groupe français. qui est déclinée en trois offres :

Produits et Systèmes

Ingénierie et Services


  • 1Calculateurs durcis
  • 2Équipements optroniques
  • 3Mâts
  • 4Systèmes de surveillance mobile
  • 1 Réalisation de projets ou sous-projets basés sur un cahier des charges (électronique, mécanique, logiciel et optronique)
  • 2 Maintien en Condition Opérationelle et gestion des obsolescences d’équipements
  • 3 Etudes de bancs de tests
  • 4 Support et expertise in situ client (équipes pluridisciplinaires)
  • 5 L’intégration véhicules, boîtiers…
  • 1 Industrialisation
  • 2 Sous-ensembles optroniques / Boîtiers électroniques de traitements
  • 3 Câblage filaire et cartes électroniques
  • 4 Boitiers électroniques de traitements
  • 5 Ensembles électromécaniques


For more than 27 years, ATERMES has been designing, developing and producing high technology equipment for defence and industry, wherever the requirement is particularly demanding in terms of environmental conditions.

Looking ahead to 2020

New products to come.
Expanding the export market.


New ATERMES product :

- Laser bird scaring system


New ATERMES product :

- Interface for drones


New ATERMES product :

- Gyro-stabilized optronic head


Development of the BARIER™ border surveillance system begins.


The Salbris site is acquired. It becomes the group’s industrial site, maintenance centre and radar and microwave skills centre.

Diversification of activities

Atermes launches the development of its first hardened computer product range.


Montigny-le-Bretonneux site acquired
Development of high-value-added design and development.

Founding of the ATERMES company

Wiring subcontracting activity begins.

Our work sites:

The two ATERMES group sites are located in France and have been ISO 9001 certified since 1999. This certification covers design, development, manufacture, integration and maintenance of systems with mechanical, electronic, optical and software components.

Montigny le Bretonneux

4 Avenue des trois peuples
78180 Montigny le Bretonneux, FRANCE

ATERMES Group headquarters
Design and Development Centre

The 3500-m² Montigny-le-Bretonneux site accommodates our company headquarters and all the premises required for the development of our products and services :

- Design laboratories (electronics, optics, mechanical, software etc. )

- Design and CAD offices (computing and simulation facilities)

- Software design and development platform

- Prototypes or small runs workshops

- Assembly and validation platform

- Clean room

- Anechoic chamber


ZI des Cousseaux
41300 Salbris, FRANCE

Industrial Production Centre
Maintenance Centre

At Salbris the company has premises covering 5000 m² :

- Mass production workshops and lines

- Clean rooms (230m²)

- Test equipment
- Climatic test equipment such as Ovens

- Test, validation and debugging resources

- Inspection equipment (3-D measuring, etc.)

- Radar and Microwave Skills Centre

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Our commitments:

Our Customer commitment:

This is the very heart of the commitment underlying the company culture at ATERMES.

Never give up, keep on to the end: ATERMES has always fulfilled its initial commitment whatever the difficulties it may encounter, which explains its customers’ loyalty.
ATERMES is respectful of its customers, and develops high-performance, innovative and modern solutions, always complying with the demanding specifications of our customers.

Our commitment to our customers’ success is a fundamental value behind our team. This conviction is guides the way we work, our relationships and Quality and Security assignments, and contributes to a lasting cooperation with each of our customers.

Our Quality commitment:

Because the Quality of its services and products are the foundation stones of its customer demands, ATERMES has won ISO 9001 certification for the "design, development, manufacture, assembly and maintenance of systems using mechanical, electronic, optical and software components".
Initial certification of ATERMES according to the ISO 9001 standard dates back to 1999: a long history and a great deal of experience!

ATERMES has set itself the goal of improving and optimizing the process of creating a product or implementing its services.

Our commitment includes the continuous improvement process, to ensure that our customers get optimal quality.

Obtaining the EN9100 certificate is now the next step in our Quality Commitment.

Our Security commitment:

Security is one of the essential conditions in the industrial and defence markets.
ATERMES implements the necessary components for fulfilling these conditions.