Rugged computer for very harsh environments.

Description : Thanks to its flexibility, ARTEMIS can be used for various kinds of military, paramilitary and industrial missions.

Key features
  • 1 Adaptable to every specific need
  • 2 State of the art CPU power
  • 3 Designed to meet harshest environments such as tropical ones, tracked vehicles.
  • 4 VIDEO Frame grabber, optional Communication CPU board
  • 5 High quality sunlight readable screen with 24 bits/color pixel dynamic allowing an optimal B&W video display
  • 6 Sturdy and adaptable
Description and applications

Physical Specifications:
Aluminium housing
Power supply card 24V / MIL STD 1275B
Connectors: Bernier for the security stick and 38999 series for other I/O

Climatic - MIL-STD-810F:
In operation: -32°C to +70°C
In storage: -40°C to +70°C
Wet heat: +60°C, 95%
Saline fog: +35°C, 5% NaCl, 6,5<pH<7,5
Immersion: 0,3m depth during 1 hour
Thermic shocks: depressurization, device OFF, in case of a parachuting.

Mechanical :
Vibrations: 5-500 Hz, on 3 axis, 1h/axis (operating) and 2h/axis (non operating)
Shocks: half sine 30 g/11 msec, 3 shocks per axis and direction.

Mass continuity: lower than 2,5 mOhms
Emitted conduction: GAM EG13, A1 gauges of booklet 62, C1 tests and C2. STANAG 4370, tests NCE02 and NCE05.
Emitted radiation: GAM EG13, A1 gauges of booklet 62, R1 tests. GAM EG13, A1 gauges of booklet 62, R3 tests. STANAG 4370, tests NRE02 .
Susceptibility in conduction: GAM EG13, tests 61-C1 (A), C2 (A), C3, and C4.
Radiation susceptibility: GAM EG13, tests 63-R1 and R3. STANAG 4370, tests NRS02.

Tracked vehicles, light and heavy: STANAG 4370, AETCP400, method 401, annex B401, figure B4.

Automatic Laser Bird Repellent System

Description : A-TOM500 uses LORD INGENIERIE’s unique innovative laser technique to scare birds away.

Key features
  • 1 Automatic runway scanning, 24/7 non-stop operation
  • 2 Remote control and monitoring through ethernet or wireless connection
  • 3 Automatic proof of activity recording
  • 4 Scanning range : up to 2,600m ( 8,530 ft) of runway
  • 5 Laser Class 2M eye-safe certified.
Description and applications

A-TOM500 is the only bird repellent system that has been developed by specialized ornithologists for the aviation community.
By nature, birds are quite sensitive to visual signs. Field measurements demonstrate that birds are primarily sensitive to the green color.

With A-TOM500, birds perceive and actually see a big green stick coming towards them. The only choice to avoid this stick is to escape and fly away.

No bird habituation: there is no bird habituation to such visual technology. While a bird may get used to noise and sounds, it won’t ever try to test a stick blow. It’s the same reflex as a bird flying away as a car approaches.

No visual annoyance for pilots: the laser is not visible outside a 15-degree cone: approved by pilots during the 3 year real world testing on both civilian and military airports.