Beacon Autonomous of Recognition, Identification, Evaluation and Response

Description : BARIER™ is a turnkey solution for border or sensitive sites surveillance.
BARIER™ is designed to be deployed quickly by a simple patrol and allows for continuous night and day surveillance missions with a small crew on every terrain.

Key features
  • 1 Up to 40 km permanent border control with a single BARIER™ system.
  • 2 24/7 non-stop operation thanks to its night/day cameras and radar.
  • 3 Detects intrusion of one or more persons or vehicles mixing Radar, Optronic, data.
  • 4 Fast and easy deployment.
    Half a day to deploy a whole system.
    Crew safety within 20 km stand-off.
  • 5 Several BARIER™ can be interconnected to offer an even larger area protection.
    Interoperability of BARIER™ system allows upload data to the host system.
  • 6 BARIER™ Land Configuration Type:
    System loaded on a single platform settled on a carrier vehicle.
  • 7 BARIER™ Land Configuration Type:
    Single platform with 4, 6 or 8 beacons, composed of optronic, radar and control/command post beacons.
  • 8 Computer aided mission preparation.
  • 9 Accurate Identification and localisation thanks to 3D integrated map.
  • 10 Decision support for suitable response.
  • 11 Permanent surveillance border ; protection of sensitive site ;
    camp protection ; temporary bivouac ; itinerary surveillance for secured path.
Description and applications

BARIER ™ system is designed to carry out permanent or temporary border control missions or camp, bivouac, sensitive site, convoy itinerary protection ...

Each BARIER™ system is composed of one to ten autonomous, robotized and connected sentry-beacons, (with optronic or radar head), one or two dispenser vehicles, and one Command and Control vehicle.

The BARIER™ dispenser vehicles are based on various brand, according to customer choice.
The Command and Control platform can be installed outside of a vehicle ( building, shelter, tent, … )

The sentry-beacons are positioned at strategic viewpoints creating a 3-5km deep virtual buffer zone.

BARIER™ is designed to be deployed quickly by a simple patrol and allows for continuous night and day surveillance missions with a small crew on every terrain.

BARIER™ Land Configuration Type is a new concept where the whole system is loaded on a single platform. This platform settles on a carrier vehicle.

Each configuration includes : Optronic Beacons, Radar Beacon, Control and Command Post Beacon and Trunk for accessories.

Automatic Laser Bird Repellent System

Description : A-TOM500 uses LORD INGENIERIE’s unique innovative laser technique to scare birds away.

Key features
  • 1 Automatic runway scanning, 24/7 non-stop operation
  • 2 Remote control and monitoring through ethernet or wireless connection
  • 3 Automatic proof of activity recording
  • 4 Scanning range : up to 2,600m ( 8,530 ft) of runway
  • 5 Laser Class 2M eye-safe certified.
Description and applications

A-TOM500 is the only bird repellent system that has been developed by specialized ornithologists for the aviation community.
By nature, birds are quite sensitive to visual signs. Field measurements demonstrate that birds are primarily sensitive to the green color.

With A-TOM500, birds perceive and actually see a big green stick coming towards them. The only choice to avoid this stick is to escape and fly away.

No bird habituation: there is no bird habituation to such visual technology. While a bird may get used to noise and sounds, it won’t ever try to test a stick blow. It’s the same reflex as a bird flying away as a car approaches.

No visual annoyance for pilots: the laser is not visible outside a 15-degree cone: approved by pilots during the 3 year real world testing on both civilian and military airports.